How to Choose an Architect

 If you are looking for an architect to design your home, you need someone with experience in the particular architectural design field. To this end, look for architects who are experienced in the design of high-end residential houses, specifically in South Africa. In addition, you will want a firm that offers add-on services, such as project management, interior design, construction, structural engineering, and sustainability design. You will find that JK Designs offers all of the above services, and has the experience in designing high-end residential houses to ensure optimal client satisfaction.

As a client, you want to look forward to the design and building of a beautiful, sustainable and upmarket residence that meets your particular lifestyle requirements. You don’t want to be bogged down with issues, such as having to handle application submissions to the town or city council. And you certainly don’t want to waste valuable time in procuring specialists, contractors or subcontractors, and suppliers. Having an architectural firm handle all of the logistics, details and tedious tasks will certainly free up time, and reduce your monitoring and administrative burden.

The architectural professional should be able to lead a team of architects and their support staff. The client shouldn’t have to resolve problems. That is the task of the architectural professional on behalf of the client.

Considering the costs involved in building a high-end residential home, you most certainly don’t want to compromise on quality for the sake of cost. It is thus recommended to base your selection of architects on aspects such as:

  • Qualifications.
  • Experience.
  • Add-on services.
  • Registration with the relevant governing body.
  • Ability to handle the scale of project you have in mind.
  • Portfolio of completed projects.
  • References.
  • Process explanation.
  • Accurate quotes.

Even though a draughtsman will be cheaper than a professional architect, the draughtsman, according to SACAP, cannot sign off on a large project of 500 m2, so he/she will normally get an architect to sign off. Although you can save money if you follow this route, you will be surprised by the amount of floor space wasted, or the additional building costs added simply because the draughtsman doesn’t have the expertise and experience to ensure optimal usage of building materials and floor space. It is thus better to make use of a firm offering the appropriate level of expertise right from the start, in order to ensure a stunning end result, and cost savings along the way.

It is essential to have a contract in place with the architect or architectural firm. The firm will therefore be held accountable for delivering the promised services. It provides a solid trust foundation and you know what you can expect in terms of performance.

We meet all the above requirements and as such, you are invited to make use of our expertise in the design of high-end residential houses in South Africa for the best results in the design and building of your home.

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