Holistic Architecture is The Healthy Way of Building

Some people may say a building is nothing but a lifeless structure. However, this is not true. Buildings have a direct effect on our mental and physical health. Through holistic architecture and green building, all development can be seen as beneficial and not harmful to the environment. For a happy soul and healthy mind, sustainable and holistic architecture is the way to go.

Problem Solving Through Design

In architecture, problem solving is something that is a daily chore. Architects regularly hear things, such as: “This house is not pretty enough.”; “I want an office that looks like an apple outside, but is shaped like a cube inside.”; “I want my garage to be moveable.”; “Can you completely change this apartment without changing the base of the building?”; and “I want a sunroom that will not be too hot in the summer.” All of these are things clients may want, and to fulfil the need of the client is the most important factor in architecture.

How Does Holistic Design Contribute to Fulfilling Your Dreams?

With a holistic approach, architects can meet any client’s needs. For example, they will inspect the neighbourhood to determine what is around the property. They will consider the look of the place. They will also consider where light will penetrate at different times of the day. They will consider such factors to decide where the best spots for windows, walls, pools, patios, and other features will be. They will also examine the size of the property to determine how the space will be used and what message it would portray. This way, whatever the requirements, needs, or desires, they can make the client’s vision a reality.

Spiritual Aspect to Holistic Architecture

This type of design also promotes spiritual wellbeing. Architects, approaching this sort of design, think of more than just the usual safety, functionality, and aesthetics that other architects consider. They also consider whether the structure will enhance the lives of people using it. By spirituality, it does not mean just temples and churches, although architects also create those. The spiritual aspect can be an underlining feature to the design of a building.

Sustainability is Another Important Aspect

For happy and healthy living, sustainable development aspects are implemented. Through a holistic approach, architects consider how long a building will last. They also consider if there will be any recyclable materials after the construction, and consider ways to reduce energy consumption.

How They Approach Design

Through asking many questions and finding solutions, holistic thinking architects are able to consider how a structure fits into the bigger picture. They consider the future use of the building, how it fits into nature, and how much energy can be saved. They consider the entire puzzle. This is a method of figuring out the best way to create the perfect design. Through not decreasing functionality to meet goals, but rather trying to improve functionality while meeting goals, holistic architecture ensures a higher level of client satisfaction. They take an impossible concept, change it for the better, and make it possible.

How It Affects You

If you are someone who not only wants to be pleased, but also wants to be amazed, use holistic architects. Instead of building the same mediocre house as your neighbour, you can have a new and sustainable structure.

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