Commercial and Residential Architect Firm with a Difference Founded by Johann Koch

 Keywords that describe JK Designs well include innovative, sustainable, modern, progressive, and professional. Such keywords would not have been possible as a description of the young commercial and residential architect firm in Pretoria, had it not been for the leadership of Johann Koch.

Johann Koch is by now very familiar with the commercial and residential architectural circles of Gauteng. Noted for his spirit of innovation, Johann is the founder and director of JK Designs. But don’t let the word innovation mislead you. Johann Koch, as creative and inspirational as he can be, is also a cool and collected business professional. It is his business acumen which has made him noted as a young and upcoming business person to keep an eye on for big things to come.

With over eight years of experience in development, commercial and residential architecture, Johann has the expertise to take on challenging design projects. He has the qualifications to support his work, including a BTech degree from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), and an introduction to MBL from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

The team is extensive and includes the likes of Dwayne Olivier, co-director of JK Designs. Dwayne has eight years’ experience in industrial and residential architectural design, and has a BSc Arch degree from the University of Pretoria. Together, they have taken JK Designs to new levels, and are constantly pushing the boundaries and building impressive networks within the industry.

Johann and Dwayne’s sense of business management and professionalism has led JK Designs to add services which many architectural firms lack. Such services include project management, sustainability, construction, development and investment opportunities, structural engineering, interior design, construction supplies, and shop fitting.

When clients come to JK Designs, they benefit from full turnkey solutions. With such, JK Designs can provide the high level of architectural services that discerning clients require. This is only possible because the company has a strong team that is looking to be innovative in its approach and execution of projects.

Along with Johann and Dwayne, the company has an excellent professional team which includes Christo du Plessis as a design architect with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Pretoria, and over 15 years of experience in interior and architectural design. Angela Smith and Madri Landman also have many years of experience as Senior Technologists, and have a fine eye for construction detailing and high-quality construction drawings.

Therefore, if you are looking for a dynamic commercial and residential architectural team, then look no further than Johann Koch, Dwayne Olivier and the JK Designs group of professionals.

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