Principles of the Modern Green and Holistic Approach to High-End Residential Architecture

 Modern, high-end residential architecture often entails the optimisation of building materials based on important design objectives. This type of high-end residential architecture aims to create high-performance buildings, which are accessible, aesthetically appealing, functional, safe, and sustainable.

The more conventional approach to high-end residential architecture often entails design decisions that follow a sequential order. The whole green approach looks at the entire project with a focus on energy conservation, careful water usage, selection of the most appropriate building materials, and minimisation of the short- and long-term footprint of development on the environment. Durability is thus important, but at the same time, the residential abode must be comfortable for the occupants.

Focussing only on one or two green elements is not the aim of the green architecture approach. Instead, the approach looks at all the elements forming part of the design and building, as well as the lifespan of the building, and how such elements affect the environment and wellbeing of the building’s occupants.

Two design principles of whole building approach in high-end residential architecture are briefly discussed below to give you insight into the work method and approach of JK Designs.

Accessible Spaces

 This principle of architectural design focusses on making buildings accessible to disabled, injured, and more senior citizens. More often than not, people have their homes designed with their immediate lifestyle requirements in mind. However, homes are long-term investments, and a house bought or built when a couple is in their fifties should include design features to ensure comfort and accessibility to the various areas in their home, even when they’re older and less mobile. The location of stairs, different levels in the home, tiles, and access from the home to the garage etc. should be taken into consideration.

Aesthetic Appeal

 Having a house that is energy efficient is certainly a plus in modern society where people want cost-efficiency and want to minimise their impact on the environment. However, such should never be done without consideration for the aesthetic appeal of the home. Attractive design features must be included to bring about optimal kerb appeal for reselling value, and to ensure that the occupants have the joy of aesthetically appealing surrounds.

The above are just two of the important principles of modern, high-end residential architecture. JK Designs offers clients, distinct custom architectural services to meet their requirements, including accessibility where relevant, aesthetic appeal, and many other important elements, such as functionality, durability, and productivity.

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