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Sustainable Development - Making A Difference With Architecture

Sustainable Development Architecture Design Ideas

Now more than ever, it’s important to look at design ideas for your home, office building or project that can be done sustainably. With the many changes happening in the world in keeping the environment healthy, architecture has quickly followed suit.


Sustainable development is easier and more cost-effective than you may think. For example, consider adding lighting with lower energy consumption, or letting more natural light into your home which in itself will reduce electricity usage during the day. Both of these methods contribute hugely to sustainably built homes.

Understanding Sustainable Development

Before you consider incorporating sustainable initiatives into your home design, you should know how they apply in the world of architecture.


Sustainable development is a method of taking the environment into consideration and finding solutions to the potential impact that property development has. This can include energy reduction systems, rainwater tanks or ways to save on government-supplied water, trying to keep a natural garden where possible, and even using alternative materials for construction with a lower impact on the ecosystem.


That’s the base idea of sustainability in architecture – to preserve and have structures that can last longer and promote a healthy lifestyle with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Not all sustainable development strategies will work for you, but incorporating just a few of them can make a huge difference in your quality of life and environmental footprint. Some of these include:


1. Scale down on size – this does not mean you have to look into tiny homes and start living a cramped lifestyle, but more of an approach to only build and develop practical structures intended for their specific use, rather than building over-the-top homes or structures as a means to impress.


2. Repurpose old structures – when you buy a property that already has a small building on it, even if it’s not aesthetically appealing, don’t demolish it. Rather think of ways to incorporate it into the idea you have for your own home.


3. Try alternative energy – although solar power can be a costly affair, renewable energy solutions can be combined with other power sources. Lights powered by solar energy, geothermal heat for keeping the home warm and government electricity for high-usage electrical equipment like fridges, are some of the options available.


4. Use less water – install bathroom fixtures that aren’t so taxing on water consumption and grow plants that are natural to the area, which will mean less irrigation. Also, consider setting up a stormwater collection system.


5. Build with recycled materials – you can still create a visually pleasing and durable house without using conventional resources and have a more eco-friendly design that fits into the sustainable development framework.


6. Think further ahead – sustainable development means reducing unnecessary construction, and the best way is to build with superior quality products. This will ensure that the structure survives for many years and will require less maintenance over time.

Be Part of the Solution – Hire Architects with Experience

There are multiple methods to making sustainability a part of your architecture, and these are just a few of the ways it can be done. Also consider being meticulous with insulation and properly sealing all roofs to minimise the need for electronic cooling and heating practices.


Our architects will provide you with several sustainable ideas and incorporate the best-suited ones for your home to meet your lifestyle and design needs, thereby achieving environmental footprint goals.


Get in touch with JK Design architects to find out more about sustainable development and have us make your dream house a reality through cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

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