What Defines Thoughtful Architecture?

How do you determine whether the architecture of a structure is good or not? Is it determined by the look of the place, or is the practicality the key factor to consider? Is functionality at the heart of architectural mastery? It may even be judged by the years that the building has been there. Some say good architecture is that what we have never seen before. None of the above considerations are wrong, but good and thoughtful architectural design encompasses all of the above, and more. Architecture is not just defined by the style of a structure, but also the safety, functionality, uniqueness, and sustainability of it.

It All Depends on The Client

Although there are factors you can use to inspect and decide whether you like a structure or not, good architecture cannot be bundled up into the ideals of one person. Not a single person thinks the same as another. Similarly, not all buildings can be the same for the simple reason that the designers and builders of the various structures bring their own unique sense of style, function, and purpose to design and building projects.

The Traditions of Churches

If good architecture is based solely on the factor of a structure being unique and oddly shaped, then tradition or custom goes out the window. The beauty of a church building is that it offers insight into the religion and spiritual feel thereof. As such, it has a certain layout, quite characteristic of the particular religion.

What Makes a House a home?

Your idea of a home may be a massive kitchen, big lounge for entertainment, and plenty of extra bedrooms, whereas another person is more prone to dining out and thus feels it is unnecessary to have all that extra space. Nevertheless, you may have a picture in your mind of an old family home that you want to incorporate into a future house design. Thus, using something from the past, but making it more functional and fresh, is also important in architecture.

The Safety of a School

Say a fire breaks out in a building designed purely for aesthetic appeal or learning functionality, and the building thus lacks important safety features. Such a design does not take the wellbeing of the building occupants into consideration. However, safety is a priority, and as such, forms an integral part of thoughtful architecture.

Designing fire exits, durable staircases, waterproof roofs, and everything else that goes with a structure being sturdy, but also easily escapable if necessary, is what should go into the planning of any new structure. If a building is not safe, then the aesthetic appeal and function are useless.

You Do Not Want to Miss the Match

Imagine having to go to a sports stadium, but the seats are all at the same height. You miss most of the match unless you have a front row seat. Thus, creating a pavilion that is just the right height and goes all around the sports field adds to the functionality of the structure. Therefore, functionality is another factor to take into consideration when determining whether a building is representative of good architecture.

Good architecture is thus about the ability to combine the ideals of the client with safe, durable, fresh, and functional designs to create the perfect structure.

Whether you want to design a retail centre, residential abode, school, church, or sport stadium, you can rely on our team to follow sound architectural design procedures to create unique, safe, and functional structures.

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