What Should You Expect from Architects in Pretoria?

The short answer to that question is that it will depend on what you need and who you approach. For example, let us say that you live in the administrative capital and decide to hire a draftsman to provide you with a plan for an extension to your existing premises or maybe even for a brand-new home. While the draftsman possesses the technical skills to prepare the necessary detailed drawings, in order to obtain building permission, these will need to be inspected and submitted for approval by one of the architects in Pretoria.

In practice, both are professionals in their own right and the two often work together within the same firm. However, while a drafter is likely to have gained a solid diploma from a Technikon, he or she will not have received the depth of engineering knowledge that forms a significant part of an architectural degree.

That said, the range of services offered by architects in Pretoria and in most places will tend to differ between one firm and the next. While some of them may choose to restrict their offering to the survey and design functions, others will undertake to provide their clients with all of the additional support they may require to plan and complete their building projects.

There are many steps between creating a design and expressing it in bricks and mortar, and these can present more than a few challenges for a first-time builder. Which construction company should one choose? Where should one source the building materials, how much will they cost, and who is going to oversee the work? Questions, such as these, however, are unnecessary when retaining a firm of full-service architects in Pretoria, or wherever else one may be planning to build.

One of the firms that are able to offer their clients a more comprehensive range of services with projects, in and around the Jacaranda City, is JK Designs. Our firm is staffed by a team of young, dynamic, and creative individuals with the talent for innovation that is well substantiated by the many iconic structures for which this firm of architects in Pretoria has been responsible.

Following a briefing by the client, upon which the initial design concept is based, once amended as necessary and approved by the client, detailed plans must be drawn up and presented to the authorities for building approval.          While the client may now choose to proceed unaided, JK Designs is a firm of architects in Pretoria with the skills and experience to manage every aspect of a project from issuing tenders for the construction and supply contracts to time management, quality control, and final handover.

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