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6 Qualities You Should Look for in an Architecture Firm Today

The role an architect plays in the development of a project goes far beyond merely drawing up the technical plans. Creativity and attention to detail are certainly essential, but these attributes should be part and parcel of what any architecture firm brings to the table.

As times change and more and more players enter the market, demands of clients as well as the communities evolve. For an architecture firm to stand out and earn your business, they should deliver much more than only the basic requirements.

Here are six qualities you should look for in an architecture firm before engaging them in your next project:

  1. Sustainability

This refers both to the way they work, as well as the projects they deliver. We live in a world where resources are finite and where we have a responsibility to act in a way where our environment is better off for what we create. Sustainable work is not only responsible, but also more efficient, innovative, and cost-effective, and therefore more desirable.

  • Accountability

It’s easy for an architecture firm to claim that their responsibility only extends to transferring an idea to paper, thus creating the detailed plans to be used during the execution or construction phase. However, as the visionaries behind the project, the realisation of a vision goes way beyond the plans itself. A leading architecture firm will remain involved during construction to assist contractors to make the plans come to life in the way it was envisioned, and to ensure adherence to these plans at all times.

  • Professionalism

This includes both the fact that they need to have the competence and skills expected of them to perform the task they are contracted for – while also adding value to this project through applying these skills – and the way they treat and interact with clients, contractors and suppliers.

  • Innovation

Innovative thinking is one of the most valuable attributes an architecture firm can possibly add to a project. Yes, this might refer to the look or design or a project, but most often innovation manifests itself in a myriad of small and even unnoticeable additions, features and improvements that optimise the space, the budget, the available materials, and every other aspect to exceed the expectations of the client.

  • Personable

A close working relationship and comfortable communication between an architect and their client are vital. Therefore, a personable approach is necessary to create the necessary environment for this type of working relationship to thrive.

  • Passion

You preferably want to engage with an architecture firm that is not only capable and driven, but actually passionate about what they do. This is what leads to great creativity, a commitment to excellence, and a drive to push boundaries further.

JK Designs is an architecture firm located in Pretoria that embodies all of these qualities. We’re a team of dynamic individuals who believes in challenging stagnant industry norms with experience and proficiency. Our comprehensive expertise ranges from sustainable residential homes to large-scale commercial developments. Talk to us about your next project to see how we can help you bring your dream project to life.

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